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Zeus Cat Tree & Scratching Post

Zeus Cat Tree & Scratching Post

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Zeus Cat Tree
  • This floor-to-ceiling cat tree ranges in height from 89.8''-107.9'' and includes a tension rod for securing it to ceilings under 9-feet in height.
  • The Style 1 cat condo features 5 tiers of carpeted platforms and 3 sisal rope scratching areas.
  • Steady and solid, well made by high quality material. The whole cat tower strong, stable and pet friendly with rounded corners and edges for a secure and pleasant feel for your cats.
  • It is equipped with an anti-toppling device to ensure stability.
  • This compact cat furniture has a modern and stylish design with a tall, vertical scratching post. It is a great home addition to keep your cats from clawing your furniture.
  • The soft plush cushion covers all the boards of this cat activity tower, offering your feline a warm and soft touch, keeping them comfortable while sleeping or playing.
  • Your cat will have so much fun playing with these trees.
  • Please see pictures for dimensions before ordering. 

Zeus Scratching Post

  • The cat scratching post will serve as a fun playground for your cats.
  • This 21-inch scratching post is wrapped in sisal rope for lots of scratching and stretching space.
  • It also includes a pom-pom toy attached to the top for even more kitty fun and excitement.


Type: Cat Tree/Cat Toys with balls
Material: Wood
Kind: Cat, kitten, tree, post, condo
Color: Brown, Beige, Gray


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